A nice introduction.

After being away on a bereavement leave, I traveled back to the City of Sails to start yet another year of journalism. To kick off this year’s journalism, one has to start with an assignment, or should I say, a news story – how ironic.

I missed the first lecture of News Reporting. Thus, when I came to the second lecture, I was immediately greeted with a heap of helpful assignments. Why helpful? Helpful because I know these assignments will help me build confidence both in writing news stories and interviewing people.

I’ll cut to the chase and write about our first assignment.

My idea for our first assignment is to write a story about Vector Arena’s role in the upcoming Fifa U-20. Their role will be to cater for the people, including visitors and players participating in this international event. I have researched a little bit about this big event in New Zealand. Though, as of now, I am not quite sure whether Vector Arena will provide service throughout NZ or just Auckland. That is something I need to find out. In addition, I found out that they’ve written up their first draft of preparations for the Fifa U-20.

I thought this would be an interesting topic to write about as this is a one-time big event in New Zealand.


Stay tuned for my next post, which will be the first post for my reflective essay. It talks about news from an academic perspective.


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