Reflection 1: Interview

After this week’s News Reporting lecture about interviewing, I summarized the principles I have learned during my last two years of journalism. Basically, I shortened them into four principles:

1. Prepare and research as much as you can about the topic/issue

2. Establish a relationship with your interviewee(s). This is always a good idea as it helps you to obtain the most important information.

3. Ask questions, preferably open-ended ones, that will make the source/interviewee to talk freely. Though, sometimes close-ended questions work too!

4. Listen to their answers attentively. Watch their body language- this could add an extra edge to what they are saying and thus, help you in terms of writing the whole story out.

Therefore, when I met with Andie for an interview, I used my so-called principles. As a result, I was able to obtain some of the most important details. The interview lasted for at least thirty minutes and I thought she was very open with the way she disclosed her personal stories and experiences.

Though, there were two particular questions that I had forgotten to ask her. However, it wasn’t a huge problem because I added her on Facebook the day before. I messaged her and got the answers I needed.

Overall, I thought it was a great interview. Though, there were some occasions during the interview which I could have done better. Thus, this is something I will try to improve in my next assignment. I just have to keep practicing. After all, practice is what makes you an expert.


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