Story 1: Teen fights depression through plants.

By Jodealyn Cadacio

Many teens face depression and often seek medical treatment, but for Andie Callejo, one way of dealing with such mood disorder is through planting.

Andie Callejo, 19, shows off her home-grown eath friends.

Andie Callejo, 19, shows off her home-grown eath friends.

“Planting stimulates me and makes believe that there is still hope,” said the 18- year old Filipino, who spends most of her time nurturing her plants.

“Every time I have a problem, I buy one plant and hang it on the ceiling in my room,” the Auckland resident added.

When the plants begin to sprout, she cuts off the bud and plants it elsewhere.

“I find happiness in growing plants because I see myself in them, growing and blooming into beautiful things,” Callejo said.

She also said that her love for plants was inspired by a Tumblr artist who has a great fondness for plants and flowers.

Callejo was diagnosed with depression when she moved to New Zealand two years ago to live with her father.

“Everything was so new and different then. Starting over in a foreign country wasn’t as simple as it seemed,” said Callejo, who completed her secondary studies at Long Bay College in the North Shore.

“I feel that planting helps me to adjust to my new environment and make friends at work. It makes me feel better,” she said.

Although planting helped her depression to disappear, she said that she is “still hanging and that depression could trigger at any time.”

She also added that if depression ever finds her again, she will be able to “cope with it more effectively.”


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