Reflection 2: Photojournalism

We live in a modern era with a fast rhythm and sometimes, we forget to stop and capture some special moments. It becomes a pity and often, we regret not bringing our cameras with us the night we saw something exhilarating that changed our lives forever.

This week’s lecture about photojournalism  gave me a new perspective about the role photos play in storytelling; they are just as powerful as words to an extent that they have the ability to remind us to stop and admire the surroundings we live in. There is something unnatural in the images we see daily; they depict an event, a moment in our fast-paced lives, which can either inspire others or generate a public buzz.

After Greg shared his personal experiences in photojournalism, it occurred to me that this could be a potential avenue towards my future. I thought about being a photojournalist for a particular magazine like the TIME or The New Yorker. It would be amazing to be able to tell stories through photos as they help feed the readers’ imagination and provide them with new perspectives.

Another highlight of this week’s lecture was the traditional Whale Hunting of the Inupiat Eskimos in Alaska. The experiment, captured by photographer John Harris, was told through 3214 photographs. I thought this was a creative way of telling a traditional custom; not only do they help visualize the whole experience but they tell us the lifestyle of these groups of people, which is always interesting as it makes one curious.


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