Reflection 5: News Presentation.

This week’s post will be about my reflection on our group assignment, namely, the news presentation.

My group is comprised of three people and I thought we all managed to deliver a great performance.

In terms of the news gathering, we found it a little challenging to pick an interesting story to talk about. However, with the help of the news diary, we were able to determine the relevant and interesting ones.

Thus, we decided to present the ‘Fight of the Century’  to our class as it was the most disputed story at the time due to the huge costs involved in the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

We analyzed how the NZ media covered the event and through this activity, I saw how the media in general can be one-sided with such stories. I looked at NZ Herald and it lacked objectivity, which I thought undermined the true essence of news reporting. It focused mostly on Mayweather’s side.

It was also interesting to compare the NZ media with the international media. Although, we did not stress on this idea, the US and British media covered the match with more objectivity and I guess this may be attributed to the fact that they could have sent actual journalists to witness the hype and event.

In summary, this activity opened a new perspective towards news reporting and objectivity. Maybe it is something that we, future journalists, need to take into consideration in order to avoid misreporting.


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