Reflection 6: District court visit

Despite the gloomy weather on Tuesday,  our journalism class took a trip down to the district court in central Auckland. The visit was a fantastic experience, one that you could describe as an eye-opening observation of the justice system.

Once inside the court, the judge, lawyers and everybody else followed a protocol that was really interesting to observe.

Although we weren’t allowed to take any notes or photos, we sat down at the back of the court and watched how they processed each trial. Some of the trials required rescheduling because some lawyers did not show up in time.  This, for me, was really interesting because I thought lawyers are meant to be punctual and formal.

However, there were a few court terms that I was not familiar with and I found myself a little confused at times.

After our court visit, I thought about being a court reporter. According to Storck (2014), shorthand is among the skills that you one could gain from being a court reporter. Being able to transcribe recorded speech into written form astounded me. It would be incredible to learn how to write notes down in a different and unique way. Also, I thought this would serve as an instrumental tool in lectures, note-taking and journalism, particularly in interviews.

Overall, I thought it was an amazing experience and am glad that I came along with my class. The visit also provided me a different perspective towards journalism.


Storck, A. (2014). How to start a court reporting service business (beginners guide). MicJames.


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