Reflection 7: Rohingya refugees

Last week, The New York Times published a news story with a powerful photo of a strained boat with hundreds of emaciated Rohingya refugees. The plight  of the Rohingya refugees spoke volumes about how cruel and indifference some people can be.

Here’s a brief background of the Rohingya people:
Hailing from the northern province of Rakhine in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), the Rohingya people are a Muslim minority.

For years, the Rohingya people have faced numerous persecution in their hometown; most of them had been fleeing to other neighbouring countries in the Southeast Asia , desperate to seek shelter and other humanitarian aid. Myanmar, which is a Buddhist-dominant country denies that they are not ethnic group and thus, are illegal migrants who deserved deportation. Bangladesh and other countries are reportedly to have the same views towards the Rohingya people. In other words, they are stateless. According to various reports, Bangladesh have offered to help them. However, they must change their ethnicity to Bangladeshi.

What prompted me write a reflection about this is the lack of humanitarian aid in Southeast Asia. It shocked me in a way that nobody, not even their own fellow countrymen want to accept them.

The UN and other international aids should set up a temporary tents or camps and have them settle there. Other countries should also make an effort to address this serious matter. They should also give these people as much as media coverage in order to raise awareness.


(For more info about the Rohingya people, visit


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