Reflection 8: 10-year passports

Following the recent update on the New Zealand passports, I’ve decided to do a reflective post about it. To do this, I will be analyzing three news outlets, namely, The New Zealand Herald, and Radio NZ.

Essentially, the Department of Internal Affairs confirmed on Monday that adults will receive a 10-year validity on their New Zealand passports, later this year.

The news values linked with this news story are as follows:

1. Impact- this change will obviously influence a number of people. For example,  all New Zealanders, travellers etc.

2. Timeliness- this story surfaced only yesterday.

3. Proximity- this is a story occurring in New Zealand, where I live.

4. Conflict- the story might prompt conflicts among groups of people who may not support this change in law

5. Currency- this is an issue that is in the centre of public concern.

Thus, I’ve analyzed how this issue was covered by the NZ media.

The first notable thing was that both Radio NZ and said that the change in law was implemented by the Internal Affairs Minister, Peter Dunne. On the other hand, the NZ herald said that it was confirmed by the Prime Minister, John Key– I thought this showed that NZ herald is pro-government.

As far as quotes are concerned, there were strong use of quotes in all three platforms. Radio NZ stood out as they provided an audio file for further information.

Personally, I liked how Radio NZ and both portrayed this story; they showed more objectivity than NZ Herald.


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