Reflection 10: Course recap

As the course draws to a close, it is necessary for one to do a reflection of the entire paper as it is the most important aspect of the learning process.

There are many important things that I’ve learned in this course, with some of them reinforcing the knowledge I’ve already learned from previous years. The teaching team were helpful and really encouraged us to do our utmost ability to perform a variety of tasks.

There were some great aspects of this paper; firstly, the lectures, insights and perspectives the lecturers and guest lecturers provided us really helped me understand the importance of questioning the world around us. This, perhaps, is the most important role that all journalists must constantly fulfil. Thus, the four assignments/stories assisted me in practicing my abilities to conduct an interview and to listen to my interviewee attentively. Secondly, the in-class activities were a great help as they helped me gain a deeper understanding of the importance of providing perspective to a particular story.

While there are some good aspects, there are also some minor issues. During the course, there were times where I found myself confused about the whole organisation of the paper. Sometimes, the lecturers were a little vague when explaining the assignments.

For improvements, I think that AUT should provide each journalism student a guide book in order to hone their writing skills. I also think that lecturers could also help students get their stories published in either the national newspaper or television.



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